The Beauty Report


The Parisian “uniform” always includes a biker jacket by Alice Balas. The designer welcomed us to her new workshop/shop, a few steps from the Carreau du Temple to show us the favorite things that she never goes without.


I wanted to work with this item because it is an icon in both men’s and women’s wardrobes. I like the idea of mixed genders. I chose the original cut designed by the Schott Bros in the early 1900s and added my own style: two different textures, one has quite a thick body like armor and the other in a thinner leather to provide more supple sleeves. The model is available in lambskin with a shiny look, smooth, matt nubuck and metallic, white gold lambskin. My jackets have another particularity: the sleeve cut, just under the elbow, which is often treated in a color or a special material.
Biker jacket, Alice Balas
I draw a lot, and not only Perfectos®. I have used Moleskine notebooks for about twelve years for my sketches but I also take notes or write in them. It’s a very easy format to carry in a small hand bag. When I finish a notebook, I don’t give it a second thought and I buy the same one again. I know exactly where to find them and it’s become almost an instinctive action. I am used to the texture and slightly tinted color of the paper, as well as the black cover. I have kept them over the years, I like to see all of the identical notebooks next to each other on my shelf.
Notebook, Moleskine
I started wearing Church’s about four years ago. One night, I broke one of my heels and a friend loaned me one of her spare pairs of boots: I went out and bought my own the next day! I very often wear heels since I’m not very tall - even when I ride a motorcycle - and these are the only flats that I wear. They are really like slippers and I think they have a very pretty shape, they make the foot look slightly long and slender. I have several pairs in different colors.
Pair of boots, Church’s
I love winter nights by the hearth in the country, the kind that make your clothes smell like the fireplace. I really like the fragrance of wood fires and candles in general. They add a warm atmosphere and when I invite people to my home for dinner, I always light a lot for the beauty of candlelight. Also, I think that it is an interesting idea to give my shop a special odor. Someday I might design a custom fragrance for the area.
Candle Feu de bois, Dyptique
I am a huge glasses fan and I would love to design them some day. Whether it rains or shines, I always have a pair perched on my nose. Some of them have rather light lenses for cloudy days and they help protect my eyes, especially when I ride my motorcycle. I have high-end pairs as well as cheaper models in my collection because I am always losing them. Sometimes I have bought the same pair four times!
Sunglasses, Retrosuperfuture
I am pretty natural, it takes me fifteen minutes to get ready in the morning. I wear very little makeup but a touch of black mascara always makes a nice effect. In the daytime, I add a little health glow powder and for night, a little lipstick if I am going out.
Lash Queen Mascara Perfect Blacks, Helena Rubinstein

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