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Cult Product : Helena Rubinstein’s Long Lash

In 1958, Helena Rubinstein revolutionized women’s lives with Mascara-Matic, the first automatic mascara in a tube. The super-functional essential has lasted through the years and is now called Long Lash. The ultra-precise metal brush with a textured, ultra-chic precious design creates a wow effect…Discover the little gem that hides behind every generation’s most beautiful eyes.

1960: Twiggy’s baby doll eyes
Why Long Lash: because even with saturated lashes, its long-lasting, waterproof formula stays put and will never let you down (or run).
The right gesture: load your eyelashes with four coats of mascara, then hold the brush vertically and push the tip along the roots to create a 60s look.

1970: Brigitte Bardot’s sultry smokey eyes
Why Long Lash: because its thin, easy to handle wand, with engraved grooves, catches even the smallest eyelashes, for 3D eye makeup.
The right gesture: begin at the roots and brush eyelashes upward toward the tips. Start over with a zigzag movement and repeat until you achieve the desired intensity.

1980: Lauren Hutton’s natural, ultra-defined eyes.
Why Long Lash: because the streamlined wand picks up just the right amount of mascara and covers lashes in one stroke.
The right gesture: place the brush flat at the roots and slowly apply the mascara using a turning movement, as when blow drying your hair.

1990: Kate Moss’s grunge look.
Why Long Lash: because the brush’s rigid micro-grooves deposit mascara between the lashes, imitating an ultra-thin eyeliner effect.
The right gesture: place the brush horizontally at the roots and push slightly, that’s all. If your eyelid is a bit smudged, that’s not a problem, it enhances the 90s look.

2000: Rihanna’s instaglam eyes.
Why Long Lash: because its silk fiber enriched formula automatically coats eyelashes and the straight brush is easy to turn.
The right gesture: if you have short eyelashes, prepare them first with an eyelash curler. Add density to your lashes with three thick coats of mascara. Apply a fourth coat while turning the brush toward the tips.

2016: Kylie Jenner’s 4D eyes.
Why Long Lash: because when used correctly, it can lengthen, add volume, set a curl and add depth to the eyes. Yes, that’s right, all of that at the same time!
The right gesture: use a clean brush to separate the lashes and work with an eyelash curler. Apply a small amount of mascara from the roots toward the tips. Refill the brush. Place it at the roots and make swivel movements to add density. Refill again and apply to the top side of the eyelashes while turning the wand inward.


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