The Beauty Report

Your beauty bag for a trip to the French region of Provence

A long weekend in May is a great occasion to get some air and revitalize. Have you thought about a trip to France, stopping in the region of Provence where the cicadas call under the olive branches and where the food is full of exciting colors and flavors? Quick, get your beauty bag ready!

The Powercell day cream to hydrate

Your busy life can interrupt the skin’s auto-regeneration mechanisms, visibly reducing its youthful appearance. The epidermis becomes tired, resulting in cellular burn-out. The Powercell day cream is ideal for preserving your skin every day from free-radicals. It offers an antioxidant and anti-aging defense, guaranteeing visibly younger-looking and more resistant skin. Over the weekend, your complexion will feel smoother and brighter, with a more refined texture. You’ll come home glowing and well-rested.

Golden Youth sunscreen for protection

Your skin needs protecting at all times of year. Sunshine can be damaging, even in winter! From May onwards, UV rays become more aggressive and the SPF in your skincare should increase – you should wear at least level 30. Your skin will remain protected, and its youthful appearance maintained. A powerful barrier against UVA and UVB rays, this sunscreen is enriched with vitamin E, with strong anti-oxidant and hydrating qualities. Golden Youth smoothes the skin from the first application, giving you an even tan.

The Care-In-Milk Pure Ritual makeup remover to cleanse skin

Pamper yourself with the Pure Ritual lotion, which envelopes your skin leaving the epidermis supple and velvety. It’s ideal for both hydrating and cleansing your face. The rich texture eliminates exterior impurities while simultaneously re-enforcing the skin’s self-cleansing system from within. For maximum efficacy, use the cleansing lotion alongside its partner products from the Pure Ritual range.

The Prodigy Night cream for nourishment

Pollution and/or stress can seriously affect your epidermis during the day. To get back that glow, make the most of the night-time. Prodigy Night is the first night cream created to delay the effects of aging on your skin. Inspired by a Nobel Prize, it supports the skin’s regeneration and youthful appearance while you sleep. Its creamy texture is as irresistible as its light floral fragrance. Not only will you look well-rested, but your complexion will be nourished and radiant!

For a weekend in sunny French Provence, tranquillity and joy are your watchwords. Before settling back into your regular rhythm, take some time to look after yourself and your skin. With a little protection and regeneration for your complexion, you’ll be all the more beautiful!


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