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Three destinations for chic yet ethical holidays

“How best to act” is the fundamental question when it comes to ethics. This form of tourism has emerged over the past few years, applying ecological and community values to the discovery of exceptional places. Here are three destinations for holidays that are both chic and ethical.

Eolo, Santa Cruz, Argentina

The hotel offers a cozy retreat in typical Patagonian style. Only 30 minutes from El Calafate – a provincial town in Santa Cruz – Eolo is nestled at the heart of its estate of 30 square kilometers. The 17 suites all face the steppe and have unbeatable views across the unique countryside of this Argentinean region. It is located not far from the Los Glaciares National Park, with its mythical glaciers and mountains such as the Monte Fitz Roy. The atmosphere is cozy and exceptionally calm, guaranteeing you a relaxing stay. Treat yourself to the sophisticated regional cuisine, especially the empanadas, meat asados and alfajores for dessert.

Ethical advantages: the forests, lakes and glaciers are perfectly preserved. Eolo minimizes its impact on the environment by recycling waste and optimizing its energy usage. Solar panels will be installed soon to heat the water and support the wind turbines.

Ruta Provincial 11
9405 El Calafate
Santa Cruz

The Yeatman, Porto, Portugal

The hotel is located in the hills of Vila Nova de Gaia with breathtaking views across the historic town center of Porto, a well-known wine-making region. Each room is personalized by a wine producer, with paintings and decorations specific to their region. Wine lovers will find it hard to leave, and epicureans will be in paradise at the Michelin-starred restaurant. Fish and fresh produce make up most of the dishes, inspired by local cuisine. To top it all off, the restaurant has the most well-stocked Portuguese wine cellar in the world.

Ethical advantages: at The Yeatman, water is heated by solar panels and lighting is low-energy. Plants are watered with rain water and most of the food served at the restaurant comes from local producers. The hotel’s gardens are full of rare plant species threatened by extinction.

The Yeatman Hotel
Rua do Choupelo 88
Vila Nova de Gaia

The Brando, Tahiti, French Polynesia
Opened in 2014, The Brando was constructed after Marlon Brando himself had an idea… Passionate about the Tetiaroa atoll and a fervent defender of nature, Brando wanted to create a place where luxury and ecology could co-exist. Thanks to his descendants, this is now the case at The Brando. Only accessible via private boat, the 12 small islands which make up the island float in a turquoise lagoon. Each of the 35 villas has its own sandy beach and a pool. Swim with sea turtles and Manta rays, and watch exotic birds all while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of Polynesian culture.

Ethical advantages: the actor’s descendants have taken it upon themselves to protect and preserve the natural beauty of the atoll. The hotel limits its carbon imprint as much as possible while simultaneously supporting Polynesian culture, hospitality and traditions. At the same time, the Brando family defends the research, education and operations which help local populations.

The Brando
French Polynesia


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