The Beauty Report

What makeup to wear for a job interview ?

During a job interview, your appearance can be almost as importance as your professional experiences. To avoid any ‘faux pas’, opt for a discreet and natural look. Are you ready to get the job of your dreams?

Boost your complexion with a sweep of blush

A key part of your beauty routine is your complexion. It should be even, matte and blemish-free. To achieve this, apply the Color Clone Subli-Mat foundation in small dabs on the forehead, cheeks, the bridge of the nose, and the chin. Spread out the texture using small effleurage movements. Next, brighten your face with a dash of Wanted Blush on the apples of your cheeks – a simple trick that will give you an instantly more radiant complexion!

Bring out your eyes with eyeliner

To catch the attention of the recruiter, make the most of your eyes with the Wanted Eyes Duo Warm Moka Harmony eyeshadow. Using a brush, apply the lighter shade over the eyelid and under the arch of the brows. Next, layer the dark shade onto the far corner of the eye, blending it over the entire lid. Lastly, outline your eyes with a line of Spectacular Eyeliner, both chic and elegant.

Define your lips in a nude color

On D-Day, leave your bright red lipstick at home, and opt for a shimmering smile instead. Apply the Front Rose Wanted Gloss in the middle of the lip, then blend out to the edges. If you prefer the matte finish of lipstick, choose a rose or apricot color, equally as delicate.

For truly beautiful skin, don’t forget to apply moisturizer just before your makeup.