The Beauty Report

Sleep and skin quality

It’s a fact: sleep affects the quality of your skin. However, contrary to popular opinion, the quality of your sleep counts more than the quantity, as Christiane Montastier, the Scientific Communication Director at Helena Rubinstein, explains.

The Science

Between two and five in the morning, the hormone melatonin is released into the heart of the epidermis. Its activity strongly influences cellular regeneration and the skin’s antioxidant protection.

Skincare replies to this need

From this scientific assessment, the Helena Rubinstein Laboratories have developed Powercell Skin Rehab. The mask contains 150 million stem cells from Oceanic Crista and Sea Holly, two ingredients with regenerating and antioxidant properties, which counterbalance the lack of melatonin, improving the quality of the epidermis overnight.

When applied at night, the mask enables the skin to get back its natural radiance upon waking. Perfectly hydrated, your complexion is refreshed, with fewer fine lines and wrinkles.


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