The Beauty Report

How to make your eyes look wider ?

An eye-catching beauty look starts with… that’s right, the eyes! With the help of Stéphanie Peirello-Hervé, professional makeup artist for Helena Rubinstein, you can learn how to widen the appearance of your eyes for the perfect beauty look.

More than one technique is necessary to open up the eyes: several steps are needed in order to achieve the desired look, each one tailored to the individual. A typical 1940s makeup look illustrates the ideal techniques to make your eyes appear larger: focus on the upper part of the eye, use shading carefully, avoid full contouring and make the most of your eyebrows.

  • Arm yourself with a beige eye crayon

Avoid white crayons. White can appear very unnatural and is unsuitable for day-to-day makeup. What’s more, the natural color of the eye line is beige, not white! So, stick to this shade if you want to illuminate this zone.

The key is to work with light and shade, which can give your face a real lift. The balance of light and dark can emphasize your eyes. Try to find the right level of intensity – if you go too dark you can end up with smaller-looking eyes.

Careful: make sure to use an eyeliner that is specifically for the eyes such as Fatal Blacks Waterproof Eye Pencil. You should certainly not use a lip pencil on your eyes.

  • Use eyeliner with moderation

Eyeliner can be very useful, on the condition you know how to use it. Apply a very thin line along your upper lashes from the outside inwards, but not all the way to the inner corner as this will make your eyes look smaller. Focus mainly on this upper line.

  • Perfect eyebrows

Eyebrows give structure to your eye makeup, so they should be waxed, shaped and taken care of.

Follow these three steps and finish your beauty look with your favorite mascara for a day-to-day wide-eyed and radiant look.