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Prodigy Night: inspired by the Nobel Prize

In 2009 the Nobel Prize for Physiology highlighted the scientific territory of telomeres and inspired the development of Prodigy Night, which acts as a prevention against cells’ “senescence” (or biological aging). Let’s focus on this Nobel-Prize-winning research which has enabled the creation of revolutionary skincare.

The story behind the discovery

It was in 1971 that the Russian biologist Alekseï Olovnikov made the connection between the theory of cultured cell life and the progressive loss of telomeric sequences.

Olovnikov’s research allowed him to prove that, during cellular division, telomeres (think of the plastic coating on the end of your shoe laces, where the laces are your chromosomes) erode to a critical level, which sets off cellular aging. Seen this way, the telomeres act like biological clocks that govern the life span of cells.

Prodigy Night skincare

The discovery of telomeres was an important step forward in the science behind the skin’s aging and the processes of cellular senescence. Prodigy Night skincare, based on Bio-Sève Moléculaire, acts against these processes to reactivate youthful-looking skin.

The research carried out by the Helena Rubinstein Laboratories resulted in Prodigy Night, launched in 2012. It was the first night cream created to suspend the effect of time and restore the skin’s original youthfulness. The cream, thanks to its ingredients, protects the telomeres and preserves the cellular DNA to maintain cells’ vitality. Night after night, the skin renews its youthful potential. True “Youth Keepers”, the telomeres are keys elements when it comes to maintaining the cells’ youthfulness.

Inspired by a Nobel Prize, Prodigy Night intensely regenerates the epidermis. You face is perfectly nourished and relaxed, revealing a youthful appearance. It’s a revolutionary scientific discovery!


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