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The story of Helena Rubinstein’s packaging: Mascara

“Because women love to feel indulgent, we work with extreme precision on the design of our packaging, as well as our luxurious formulae of course.” Elisabeth Sandager, the Executive Officer at Helena Rubinstein, explains. Let’s find out more about the history behind these cult products…

A pioneer of the beauty industry, Madame created the first revolutionary mascara in a tube. More than a simple makeup product, it is a work of art. All the brand’s mascaras are encased in distinctive metallic packaging illuminated with glimmers of gold detailing – a tribute to the goldsmiths of whom Helena Rubinstein was so fond.

The story of the Lash Queen mascaras started in 2004. The gilded, pink-gold casing represents the luxurious jewelry in precious metals that Madame loved. For the waterproof version, the sumptuous packaging is embossed with elegant metallic flakes.

In 2007, the brand broke sales records with its launch of the Lash Queen Feline Blacks mascara, which creates a sensual and intriguing look, just as the packaging does. The case is dressed in a dotted panther design using pad printing. The Lash Queen Fatal Blacks is wrapped in a half-serpent, half-jewel design, covered in metallic flakes.

2010: Lash Queen Sexy Blacks is launched. This perfect luxury product evokes desire and expresses feminine seduction. Extreme glamour is incarnated in its case: the slender matte gold packaging is dressed in lace for a refined look.

In 2014, the mascara innovation was baptised Lash Queen Mystic Blacks. Its packaging was dipped in ebony black and encircled with a golden ring, like a tribal seal of beauty. A technological marvel, and the first to reproduce a ‘liner’ effect, it acts as a reminder of the original inspiration: Berber women who would outline the almond shapes of their eyes in black.

True beauty gems, the Helena Rubinstein mascaras represent the natural connection between jewels and cosmetics, with their powerful designs that any woman would feel proud to own… and to wear.


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