The Beauty Report

In Bed with Helena Rubinstein: Video following the exhibition “Beauty is Power”

Helena Rubinstein bought her New York “castle in the clouds” in 1941. N°625 Park Avenue was one of the most chic locations in the city. She installed this spectacular bed, the object of many a photograph…

The apartment combines opulence and refinement with nonconformism. The six bedrooms are located on the first floor, including Madame’s, where the decoration is particularly unique. The furniture is remarkable, especially the giant tribal statues from Oceania. Dozens of paintings cover wall tapestries by Georges Rouault and, at the center of the room, the bed is like a throne – imposing and unexpected.

The head board and foot of the bed are made of transparent acrylic, demanding attention with their fluorescent edges, illuminating the bedding from within. It is from the center of this bed that Helena Rubinstein would summon her colleagues. Surrounded by men, the major executives of her company, Madame would enjoy breakfast while presiding over her meetings.

Mason Klein, the conservator of the Jewish Museum in New York, regrets that he was unable to use this bed in the “Beauty is Power” exhibition because of its damaged state – it was impossible to repair before the event.


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