The Beauty Report

Caring for your eye contours: three beauty tips

Signs of aging are more apparent around the contours of the eyes. This zone, where the skin is particularly delicate, requires maximum attention. Find out what techniques, as well as makeup and skincare routines, will help your eyes stay young-looking.

Use the right techniques

The eye contour is the first area to show early signs of aging. Sunshine, busy lives and a lack of hydration can all affect this fragile zone. To activate microcirculation and increase the penetration of your eye cream, tap lightly around the contours of the eye using the tip of your finger upon waking and before going to bed. On sunny days don’t forget your sunscreen, and wear shades.

Choose the right products

Every day, whatever your skin type, use the Prodigy Extrême cream which smoothes wrinkles and tightens the skin around the eye. Morning and night, take some time out to pamper yourself and apply the equivalent of a grain of rice to the eye area, for a younger-looking expression . Once a week, the eye mask Powercell Eye Urgency is ideal for combating signs of aging: leave it on for 15 minutes and you’ll notice instantly smoother and firmer skin, as well as the reduction of under-eye shadows.

Outline your eyes

After applying your eye cream, bring out your natural beauty with the help of the Feline Blacks kohl crayon or the Spectacular liner. Follow the natural curve of your eyelid, whether in a smudged or distinct line. Finish with a coat of the Lash Queen Mystic Blacks mascara which will intensify and accentuate the lash line, for a deeply sublime and intriguing look.

Look after the contour of your eyes every day to stay fresh and young-looking. The three steps above will help you protect and beautify this delicate zone.