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Prodigy Sacred Oil: the anti-ageing oil by Helena Rubinstein

After the development of the anti-ageing products Prodigy and Prodigy Night, the Helena Rubinstein laboratories created Prodigy Sacred Oil in 2015. Not only is it perfect for dry skin, it also offers a unique sensory experience.

The benefits of Prodigy Sacred Oil

A restorative elixir, Tamanu oil has been used for centuries by the people of Oceania. Its calming and therapeutic properties, alongside its powerful healing properties, make it an invaluable skincare ally. These protective virtues are the secret behind Polynesian beauty. Tamanu oil’s multitude of qualities made it a natural addition to Helena Rubinstein’s newest creation.

Calophyllic acid, a key ingredient of Prodigy Sacred Oil, has incredible restorative powers. What’s more, the nutritional qualities of Omega 6 and Omega 9 contained in the oil prevent ageing caused by dryness.

Prodigy Sacred Oil provides a comprehensive solution for repairing skin and preventing the signs of ageing.

Dry skin increases visible signs of ageing

Dry skin is especially delicate. Alongside the discomfort it causes, increased ‘flaking’ of the epidermis can cause lesions which visibly accentuate the signs of ageing. Prodigy Sacred Oil allows the skin to heal quicker and more effectively.

Rich but non-greasy, the Prodigy Oil beautifies your skin. It penetrates deep into the five main layers of the epidermis and rehydrates their cells while providing maximum comfort. Its nutritional, softening and conditioning qualities bring radiance to your face, as well as to your décolletage and hands – two particularly fragile zones.

The combination of two prodigious products: saving your skin from the marks of time

Applying the Prodigy day cream alongside the oil guarantees visible results and a glowing complexion. Skin is more supple and comforted. The upper layers of the epidermis are hydrated, and the cutaneous structure is repaired.

The oil and the cream, both from the Prodigy range, combine together to offer the ideal weapon against time. Their complementary ingredients ensure real anti-ageing effects.

Free from the marks of time, your skin benefits from a unique sensory experience. Thanks to the Prodigy Sacred Oil, your face, décolleté and neck are smooth and continuously hydrated, with a feeling of unprecedented, lasting comfort.


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